If someone had told me 17 years ago Id be in ‘this place today, I wouldn’t have believed them! Why? Because I was too low to envision a promising future overflowing with gratitude for God’s grace. I know my testimony is not an isolated one. Some of you reading this post have been, or perhaps are still in that low place, wondering if life is worth living.

This is the place where God has brought me to help you grab hold to hope and look beyond where you are now. Use your creative imagination and envision your life filled with purpose, passion, and peace.

My song, “This Thing Called Grace” expresses my innermost thoughts and feelings to the One who extended His grace to me after I’d made a mess of things. I realized that the grace of God is all I needed to get me to a place of complete confidence in God to be Lord of the very life He gave me, the life that I thought I wanted to end. Now, I am still learning how to receive this thing called grace as I walk out the promises and purpose God has predestined for my life.

The encouraging news is this: If He did it for me, He will do it for you too.

The question is: Do you want God’s grace offer?

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