Do you ever feel like it’s fruitless to pray?  Does it seem like your pleas and cries fall on deaf ears?   Or sometimes no ears at all?

I can relate…..

I’ve heard that God always hears my prayers and that He’s always there, but it doesn’t always feel like it.  Sometimes I feel like no one can hear me, or that maybe God has better things to do and “better people” to attend to.  Am I alone in believing that?  I’m pretty sure I’m not.  I’ve heard it taught that men are more logical and that women are more emotional.  I find a certain degree of truth in that.  However, after evaluating my actions, I’ve learned that I often depend more on what I’m feeling (emotion) than on the PROMISES (logic) when it comes to God.  Sometimes fear and doubt will cause emotion to emerge victorious over logic.  In this situation, being logical would make more sound sense.  The logic is:  If God has NEVER failed me, NEVER fallen short, NEVER failed to show up for me, and NEVER failed to redeem me, why would I prepare for otherwise?  Why constantly prepare for a phenomenon that has never happened?  God is faithful!  Even though the answer is not always what I want it to be, my prayer for God to hear me never goes unanswered.

No matter what it may seem, God will always Hear Me!

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