So….. what do you do when you have nothing left to give?  When you’re exhausted and on the verge of being resentful?  How do you keep giving when it seems you have nothing left to give?  It’s simple.  You ask God to, “Touch Me Again“.

I was talking to a young friend of mine on last night.  We were discussing how God sometimes has to fight us to work for us.  If God was not omnipotent, I would imagine that the most difficult part of His work would be getting us out of the way for Him to work on our behalf.   In this particular instance, this friend of mine was considering making a bad choice (or a series of them) out of desperation and a loss of hope.   He wasn’t considering turning his back on God.  He wasn’t considering leaving the flock or doing anything we would consider drastic.  He wasn’t angry.   He wasn’t in rebellion.  He wasn’t trying to tell God off or anything like that.  He was just tired.   He was tired of fighting.  He was tired of hoping for a change that it seemed would never come.  He was exhausted.  He didn’t want to give up.  He wanted to be strengthened.  He needed a minute.  Wow!  He needed a minute.  If only he could have taken a minute…

Many boxers will tell you that their most important time frames during a fight are not the ones that everyone pays to see.  For the spectators, we love the 36 minutes of action that take place during the fight.  We like to watch whether or not a fighter can take a punch.  We like to see if they have a glass jaw.  We’re interested in seeing if they can close.  Oftentimes, great fighters are known as much for how they bounce back as they are for how talented they are offensively.  We don’t even grant “elite” status to a boxer who effortlessly runs through opponents.  He can’t even gain our respect unless it appears that he was over-matched and then somehow miraculously reigned victorious.  For many fighters, it’s not the 3 minute round that allows them time to create, alter, or abandon game plans; it’s the one minute between the rounds where instruction is given.  There is no time to mend wounds in the heat of the battle.  In the heat of war, you must continue to be alert, both offensively and defensively.   Taking a break could cost you your battle, and sometimes, depending on the strength and tenacity of your opponent, your life.  If only you can make it until the bell sounds.  There’ll be rest then.  Your corner will mend your wounds.  The eye that continues to throb and swell will be tended to.  The corner man will tend to the wounds.  The blood flow from the cuts will be stopped.  If only he can make it to the bell sounds..

This may seem like two different stories.  You see, my friend and the boxer are in the same situation.  The boxer is in the last 30 seconds of a round. My friend was as well.  Both of them had to hold on until the bell sounded.  After each beating and desire to give up, they both needed to get to the corner to tell the Skilled One “Touch Me Again”.   The boxer never wants to give up.  His will to win carries more weight than the burden of his pain.  My young friend knew that “weeping may endure for a night….”

We know how this story ends.  The instructions carry both of these individuals to victory.  But the main point in these stories is not the end.  It is the interim.  We should use these situations as a model for us.  Let’s be determined to take each battle one round at a time.  Don’t give up hope.  Just be reminded that God will never put more on us than we can bear.   Rest assured that when things get heavy and seem to be overbearing, just hold on and wait for the end of the round.  Then you can go back to your corner and ask your Master to “Touch Me Again”

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  1. This is an anointed young man and truly gifted! If you don’t have his cd, you better get it. I just bought a couple on Sunday and I can’t stop listening to it! I will be going back to buy several more to give out to others so that they can be blessed as well!

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