A few minutes after noon on Wednesday, July 26th 1973, Korey Mark Eagleton became the firstborn son of Ron Eagleton and Jeorgia Baxter Eagleton. He was born at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Houston, Texas, the birthplace of his mother 23 years prior.

He was everybody’s baby and showed unusual social skills as a child having radar for kids that had problems fitting in with the norms.

Korey is the oldest of 5 children: 4 sons: Korey, Damon, Shaun, Devin, and one girl, Amber.  He has always had a protective nature and displayed personal responsibility, having started working at 9 years old.

Born and raised in the church, Korey started out on the drums at age 5 and later began singing in a church group called the EB’s. The group consisted of four adorable boys (two sets of brothers) who would wow the congregation with their harmony until the leader forgot the words and instantly pretended to be caught up in the spirit.  At a very young age, that leader in many cases is the man who has recently launched his first CD entitled Heart Cries. Who knew the little boy who could hit high notes most sopranos would run from would write and sing songs that would speak for so many who desire to hear from, know, and please the Creator?

Starting at a very early age, Korey was musically inclined, as evidenced by his being extremely vocal.  A dedicated musician, he started playing the piano at the age of ten.  The joyful noise many now enjoy at church every Sunday was not evident in the very beginning.  What was evident was his commitment to the ministry and to becoming a musician that would do great things someday.  It wasn’t until later we started to see a glimpse of where this young man was destined to go.

Korey graduated from elementary school having been given the title Mr. Music.  He was a band student in Middle School, playing the trumpet, French Horn, and taking private piano lessons.  He started playing the keyboard for the Youth Choir and eventually became one of the church musicians. After graduating from High School, Korey attended Lee College and the University of Houston. Years later, he attended and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the College of Biblical Studies with a degree in Biblical Counseling.

At his home church, Mt. Rose Church of God In Christ in Crosby, Texas, Korey is the Minister of Music, a Sunday School teacher, a Cell group leader, and a Youth Dept. Worker, among other things.  He is also one of the musicians for the Barrett Station Ministerial Alliance Choir in his community.  He has been employed by Technology For All, where he taught computer classes for kids, adults, and Senior Citizens.  He’s also worked with the Harris County Advocacy Program where he worked with at-risk teen males.

Korey is the husband of the very beautiful Trashanna.  They have two kids.  He is the proud father of his oldest daughter, Rakkah, who is in the Navy and stationed in Maryland.  He is also the proud father of Israel Kyree, a gifted dancer who can be found on several social media sites singing with his father.  He can also be found on YouTube dancing with Kirk Franklin at the Kings Men Tour in Houston (he was only 7 years old).

During much of his time filling the role of church musician and youth choir director, Korey suffered with depression.  For years he played and sang songs that brought deliverance to many, all while leaving his anointed place to go home, close the door and cry himself to sleep.  In his frustration and hopelessness (while angry with God)  . . . he wrote!

The songs on the Heart Cries album were born out of a very dark period in Korey’s life when the enemy determined to destroy him…BUT GOD!  His plight with suicidal depression is the reason for his passion for REAL MINISTRY and not just doing a church thing or giving mediocre renderings.  Korey holds that every time you minister, it could be to someone who is in the condition he was in and it very well could be the only chance you get to rescue them.  So  don’t play.  Don’t waste time.  Bring help/deliverance.

Korey is evidence that God is a great God and does great things in our dark places!  After you hear Heart Cries, you will thank God for His plan through this man.  You too, will be glad he wrote!

Be Blessed by this ministry and pass the blessing on.