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Page 3This project is a compilation of songs which are simply cries FROM the heart of the hopeless TO the heart of the Source of Hope.

These are songs born out of personal experiences and written with an understanding of who God really is.

The messages apply to all age groups and races across the board
It was done with a spirit of excellence – no pretenses, directly from my “Heart Cries”.

 Lyrics available within the Meta of each MP3

6 reviews for Heart Cries ALBUM – MP3

  1. Cedric Patterson Jr.

    This is music and ministry from the soul. You can’t help but be grabbed by the tracks on this cd. It is a combination of powerful lyrics and dynamic music. I believe this cd will minister to people for many years to come.

  2. Regina

    This cd will bless your soul. The words in the songs have been answers to many of my prayers! God really used Bro. Korey. He is an anointed man of God. You won’t be disappointed, every song will bless you!!

  3. Amber

    There is encouragement and an outpouring of the heart throughout this entire album. It is the epitome of the anointing in action. Our place of destiny starts with a heart cry to God. The lyrics touch the core of the brokenhearted and offers a reminder to us that God knows where we are. For those who may not be able to identify with the brokenness of the singer’s past, you can easily find yourself raptured into a place of worship. This project is WORTH EVERY PENNY. I’ve downloaded my favorite songs and bought several disks as gifts for those I knew would be blessed. Many of my co-workers also purchased and enjoyed the music and most commented that they “cried the whole way through it.”

  4. Coorey

    This CD is perfect for whatever mood you’re in!

  5. Tonya Ross

    I cannot get enough of this cd!! God had me in mind when He gave Korey the gift for this cd :-). Every word speaks to the depths of my soul. If you don’t have it, you’re missing out on your blessing!!

  6. courtnae milladge

    Wow! This album is amazing. Everything is straight from the heart of Brother Korey, and the anointing of the Lord is evident and present in his voice. I was able to relate to these songs. ESPECIALLY,”I NEED THE”, don’t try to drive and listen to this one. I just have to sit in my driveway with my tissue, because this song blesses my lil old soul! It says,” I need you more than the very air I breathe, more than the sower needs the seed, more than anything”( words may be off a little b/c I am tore up after” I need You”! Really!! You gotta have this one!!
    “You’ve been good” #12, will keep your head bobbing! ( Holy bob ya’ll)
    Be blessed

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