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Heart Cries Photo Shoot 033This project is a compilation of songs which are simply cries FROM the heart of the hopeless TO the heart of the Source of Hope.

These are songs born out of personal experiences and written with an understanding of who God really is.
The messages apply to all age groups and races across the board
It was done with a spirit of excellence – no pretenses.

5 reviews for HeartCries CD

  1. PreVon

    This cd is AWESOME!!!! There are answers to a LOT of issues that we tend to deal with. The testimony behind this cd is AMAZING…. When you have questions lingering in your mind, listen to Heart Cries and there is an answer in at least one of the songs. Never fear, God hears your Heart Cries….

  2. Mike Wallace

    Awesome worship! The title explains it all! If you are going through something in your life and you don’t know the words to pray, just listen to this CD.

  3. Jasmine Anderson

    GREAT! SUPER! AWESOME! AMAZING! THE BOMB! One word cannot describe this MAGNIFICENT project. It is a powerful collection of true WORD and conversation with GOD. It meets you EXACTLY where you are and ministers!

  4. Ms. Ruth Thompson-Adams

    I had the unique pleasure of hearing Korey Eagleton minister “HERE I AM” with absolutely no music. The PA system had gone out due to bad weather outside, and the anointing came in and literally changed the atmosphere of the service. Song sounds even better when he sings it “live”. Mr. Eagleton has the voice of satin, if put to the tangible, along with pure anointing, something rare in singers today. My other favorite is “Mighty One”. The one with a bullet “You’ve Been Good”. Put it in the car and drive!!

  5. Chris Daniels

    Quite possibly the most complete album in years. Heart Cries addresses the hurt and pain, which at times, lies behind the believer’s smile, answers the why, and provides comfort to the weary soul. With skilled background vocalists and well orchestrated musicial arrangements, Korey Eagleton allows his testimony, through song, to illustrate the life changing power of God, and His undying love and commitment to those who answer the call to salvation. He provides listeners with true ministry and inspiration from the first admission of “Here I AM”, until the Master’s response. Guaranteed to change the atmosphere for the better, no matter the circumstance.

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