Hear Me

Do you ever feel like it’s fruitless to pray?  Does it seem like your pleas and cries fall on deaf ears?   Or sometimes no ears at all? I can relate….. I’ve heard that God always hears my prayers and that He’s always there, but it doesn’t always feel like it.  Sometimes I feel like no […]

Here I Am

Do you ever stop and just think about the vastness of God and who He is?   As we have begun to prepare for the New Year and all the things that it will bring, I began to ponder over this past year and the effect it had on my relationship with God.  2013 was one […]

Hear Me – Another Heart Cry

I consider it a privilege and an awesome responsibility to be trusted with the task of being a vessel to minister to God’s people.  His grace never ceases to amaze me.  I’ve said many times before that I know the “me” that no one else truly knows.  The fact that God knows that “me” and […]